You will remain happy and attain success today. Whatever plan you devise today, you will get success in most of your plans. You will feel happy and become satisfied from the result you get. You can begin those plans also today, which you were planning in past. Today is favourable time for you. If you are into service, your seniors and colleagues will become happy from your work and behaviour and your relations will become cordial. If your business is related to shares, you can earn enough profits by selling these. But you should not invest money in such speculative business today. You may meet losses. You will earn enough financial profits from your profession in the evening today. You will meet your relatives and friends today. No. 3 & 6 will be beneficial for you today. You may earn benefits in your professional by using these nos.

Deity: Jagadmba, Hanuman, Kul Devta or Bhairav
Affected Body Part: Marrow

Color: Red, Vermilion, Orange
Metal: Copper, Gold, Electric Object
Article: Molasses, Saffron, Kidney Bean, Red Sandal
Cereal: Lentil, Wheat
Liquid: Linseed Oil, Mustard
Flower: Red Oleanders
Fragnance: Rose, Saffron