You will remain energetic and enthusiastic today. You will spend an amusing time with your family members. You will get cooperation of your friend and family members in social and financial activities. You will start any new project today which will prove very beneficial for financial prosperity in future. You will make progress in every field through your plans and you will earn honour and prestige. If you are into service, you will take long time to complete your pending works. You will get financial benefit and cooperation from your senior officials today. If you do your own business, your business relations with new companies will improve time before noon is good for your business. Therefore you can earn extra benefits by completing your important works before noon. Today is very fortunate for you. No. 4 & 7 will be more beneficial for you. You can earn more benefits by using these nos. in your important works.

Deity: Ganapati
Affected Body Part: Nerves

Color: Gray or Blue, Light Bright Color
Metal: Brass, Mixed Metal, Aluminium
Article: Dhoop, Guggul
Cereal: Wheat
Liquid: Curd
Flower: Pandanus
Fragnance: Cuscus