Plump, Dark Hair, Well Developed Body, Robust, Super Health, Preserving, Obstinate, Ambitious of Power, Slow but Steady, Patient, Domestic, Secretive, Art Lovers, Nature, Beauty; Font of Comforts, Opposite Sex; Slow Recovery from Illness, Saving Nature, Gambling, Materialistic, Loyal in Love, Care for Partner, Peace-loving, Sometimes Selfish and Vindictive.

Master/Ruling Planet:
Venus / Shukra

Name Alphabets:
I, Ee, Ei, Eh ,U, Oo ,Ae, Ai, E ,Oh, Ou ,Va, Ba ,Bee, Bi, Vee, Wee, Vi, Wi ,Vu, Voo, Wu, Bu, Boo, Woo ,Vey, Vay, Way, Wey, Be, Bay, Veh, Weh, Beh ,Vo, Wo, Bo

Body Parts:
Neck, Throat, Ears, Palate, Lower Jaw, Larynx, Tonsils.

Apoplexy, Neck Diseases, Glandular Problems, Goitre, Diphtheria, Tonsillitis.

Any Business in Finance, Agriculture, Music, Pleasure Resorts, Cinema, Actors, Film Producers, Transport, Income Tax, Ladies Clubs, Schools, Fashion and Beauty Parlours, Dealers in Ladies Garments, Beauty Items.

with Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.


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