Broad Shoulders, Large Bones, Muscles; Ruddy Complexion, Thin Waist, Wavy Hair, Baldness in Old Age, Ambitious, Generous, Warm-Hearted, Fearless, Harsh Temperament, Strong-Willed, Helpful to Mankind, Organizing Powers, Constructive, Inventive, Forget others Mistakes, Very Hopeful, Boosting, Domineering, Commanding, Leader, Short Outbursts of Temper, Brave, Loyal in Love, Hasty, Good Health, Less Money with Age, Success in Gambling / Speculation, Ruler, Authoritative, Fiery in Passion, Fond of Opposite Sex, Loves Children, Extroverts, Forces his desires on Others.

Master/Ruling Planet:
Sun / Surya

Name Alphabets:
Ma ,Mi, Mee ,Mu, Moo ,May, Me ,Mo, Mau ,Ta ,Ti, Tee ,Tu, Too ,Te, Tay

Body Parts:
Heart, Spinal Column, Aorta, Coronaries.

Eye Problems, Fevers, Cardiac Problems, Lumbago, Palpitations, Spinal Problems.

High Position in Commerce, Government, Executive Jobs, Managers of Big Concerns, Corporations, Director, Captain.

with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Saggitarius, Aquarius.


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