Long Nose, Thick Neck, Long Chin, Not Handsome, Short in Early Age, But Grows Tall Suddenly after 16 Years, Hunchbacked with Age, Defective Walk, Economical, Prudent, Calculative, Businesslike, Secretive, Changeable, Methodical, Good Organizer, Patience, Steady, Serious, Contemplative Nature, Hard Worker, Self-Reliant, Either Very Honest, or Most Dishonest, Selfish, Works Hard even in the face of obstacles, Careful in Money, Unemotional, Slow & Cautious in approaching opposite sex, Undemonstrative in Love.

Master/Ruling Planet:
Saturn / Shani

Name Alphabets:
Bho, Bhau ,Ja ,Ji, Jee, Jhi ,Khi, Khee ,Khu, Khoo ,Khey, Khay ,Kho, Khau ,Ga ,Gi, Gee, Ghee

Body Parts:
Joints, Knee Caps, Skin.

Colds, Skin Diseases, Leprosy, Hysteria, Gout.

If aspected by Benefic Moon, Business of Kerosene Oil, Land, Animals, Irrigation, Agriculturist; If aspected by Mars, Engineer, Cement, Manufacturer, Lawyer, Brick-kiln Owner; If aspected by Mercury, Engineer, Deep Thinker, Dealer in Scientific Instruments, Crystal Gazing; If aspected by Jupiter, Physician, Scientist, Gain Through Large Companies, Clubs and Societies, Land and Mines, Long Term Contracts; If aspected by Venus, Chemical, Leader, Hides, Cosmetics, Beauty Items.

with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


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