Today will be normal for you. You will discuss some important future plans with your family members and friends. If your work is related to social or political field, your senior officials will give you proper guidance. You will accomplish your works without facing any problem. If your profession is related to cereals or metals, you will earn enough profit. If your profession is related to machinery, textile, cosmetics business, you may get more benefit. You will some such people who will suggest plans for overcoming financial crisis. You should remain careful about your health. Your health may become ill at night and you may have to go to doctor. You should stay at home at night. No. 4 is auspicious for you. You can earn more profits by using this no. in your profession.

Deity: Ganapati
Affected Body Part: Nerves

Color: Gray or Blue, Light Bright Color
Metal: Brass, Mixed Metal, Aluminium
Article: Dhoop, Guggul
Cereal: Wheat
Liquid: Curd
Flower: Pandanus
Fragnance: Cuscus