Financially today will be normal for you. If you are related to art, music or writing today will be very beneficial for you. You will get success and appreciation and accept some new financial contracts also. You will get enough cooperation from your friends and family members. If you are searching any job, you should try for it. You may get success. If you want to start any new business, time is very favourable for you. You will evaluate your works which you have done in past and try to overcome your weakness which you will find. If your profession is related to social or political field, you will get enough success in your works today. If you are inclined towards spiritualism, you will participate in religious activities and study religious literature. No. 2 and 4 will be very beneficial for you.

Deity: Shiva, Saraswati, Parvati
Affected Body Part: Blood

Color: White, Milky, Cream Color
Metal: Silver, White Metal
Article: Camphor, Loaf Sugar, Ivory
Cereal: Rice
Liquid: Milk, Curd
Flower: Champa, Jasmine, Kadamb, White Lotus
Fragnance: Fragrant Screw Pine