Financially, physically or mentally, today is not auspicious for you. Today is not favourable for you to take any kind of risk, because after working hard, you will not get satisfactory results. To begin any new profession today may crop up financial crisis for you. If you have planned for any professional journey, you should postpone that. Time is not favourable for you. It is advisable to you to postpone all your important works today. If you are into the service, you should remain alert. You may meet losses. You will feel mental tension and laziness today. If you are planning to get your stomach, eye etc. operated today, postpone the operation for any other day because time is not favourable for physical health and there is possibility that doctor can commit any mistake. Today is not auspicious for risky business or profession. No. 7 is auspicious for you today. You can earn financial benefits with the help of this no. in the evening or at night. People who are born on 7th, will help you.

Deity: Nrisinh, Bhairav
Affected Body Part: Nerves

Color: Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Yellow
Metal: Mixed Metal
Article: White Sandal, Ivory
Cereal: Wheat, Flux
Liquid: Ghee, Butter
Flower: Neelkamal, Naagkesar
Fragnance: Majmua