Rashifal for May 16 2024, Thursday

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Mesha (Aries)
Today, you’ll likely spend significantly on your lifestyle. Arguments with friends may cause you distress. Business matters could be stressful, and you might encounter workplace politics. Stay vigilant about your enemies’ actions and avoid being excessively idealistic.

Vrishabha (Taurus)
Those with chronic illnesses may face challenges today. Reflect on your shortcomings and learn from them. There might be pressure to repay old debts, but your spouse will be pleased with you. Consider helping a needy friend. The day is especially favorable for students in technical fields.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Love and mutual respect will flourish in marital relationships. You’ll develop a stronger interest in religious activities. Financial complexities can be resolved, and you might consider changing jobs. Your workplace popularity will rise, and helping others will earn you more respect.

Karka (Cancer)
Your daily routine might be disrupted today. Spend some quality time with family. There could be financial losses, but you’ll see good returns in marketing-related activities. Avoid doubts in your love life and focus on charitable endeavors.

Simha (Leo)
Steer clear of office politics and seek solutions to workplace issues. This is a good time to explore new ideas. Be wary of fraudulent phone calls and avoid using harsh language. Try not to rely too heavily on others.

Kanya (Virgo)
Unexpected workplace situations may arise. Pay attention to your health to avoid headaches and fatigue. Work-related travel is likely. Those in politics might face difficulties. When buying expensive items, be mindful of your budget.

Tula (Libra)
Students will be very attentive to their studies, and issues regarding children will be resolved. Luck might bring you significant opportunities. Today is favorable for investments and there are good chances of traveling abroad.

Vrishchika (Scorpio)
Be cautious in financial matters and avoid trusting others blindly. Embrace new technology for business improvements. Enjoy quality time with friends. Those in IT and banking will see career advancements. Starting a new business is likely to be successful.

Dhanu (Sagittarius)
Exercise caution when using machinery today. Spend the evening discussing important topics with family. There might be heated discussions with higher-ups. Avoid harboring hatred or animosity, as opponents may try to cause trouble.

Makara (Capricorn)
Your spouse may express their unmet expectations. Elderly individuals might experience joint pain. Avoid wasting time due to laziness and stay away from bad influences. Your interest in mystical subjects will grow. This period is not favorable for marriage discussions.

Kumbha (Aquarius)
Resolving any pending issues will bring you happiness. Students will feel enthusiastic about their careers. Family expenses might increase, and there could be an argument with your spouse, but you’ll handle it wisely. Your curiosity in new subjects will grow, and you’ll benefit from past experiences.

Meena (Pisces)
You’ll be very helpful in the workplace and might engage more in social work. Those in medical professions may face some unpleasant situations. Your advice will help solve others’ problems. Unmarried individuals might receive marriage proposals.

Rashi | Moonsign

In the realm of constellations or Taramandal, the ecliptic, a great circle, is divided into twelve sectors known as Rashi or Zodiac. Each Rashi is linked to a specific sign, including Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), and Meena (Pisces).

Simply put, Rashi indicates the constellation or Nakshatra in which a planet is situated. For instance, if the Moon (Chandrama) is in Kumbha, then the corresponding Chandra Rashi is Kumbha; similarly, if the Sun (Surya) is in Makara, then the Surya Rashi is Makara.

In broader terms, Rashi typically refers to the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign. The Rashi or sign associated with the moon’s position at the time of birth is termed Rashi, Janma Rashi, or Chandra Rashi. Vedic astrology places greater significance on Rashi or Moon sign compared to the Sun sign or any other single point in the Kundali.

Don’t know your Moonsign / Rashi?


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