Rashifal for Jan 11 2024, Thursday

January 11, 2024

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Aries (Mesha)
Exercise caution with strangers, as high-ranking officers may express dissatisfaction. Consider investing in land and property for potential financial gains. Expect profitable outcomes in business, boosting your self-confidence. Refrain from offering unsolicited advice.

Taurus (Vrishabha)
Practice patience today, as high-ranking officers may obstruct your work. You might feel disheartened, and coworkers may be critical. Avoid taking significant risks in business, and be mindful of potential leg pain or injuries.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Excel at work, fostering peace and stability in your family. Be cautious of overconfidence hindering your progress. Business ideas may come through friends, and love will flourish in your married life.

Cancer (Karka)
Ailing individuals will recover, and emotional depth will enhance your love relationship. Set ambitious goals in your business, especially in real estate, yielding substantial profits. Experience love and joy within your family.

Leo (Simha)
Consider shopping for an upcoming auspicious event. Channel your aspirations for innovation. Family appreciation awaits, and the day favors higher education pursuits. Exercise caution to avoid getting involved in immoral activities.

Virgo (Kanya)
Be prepared for things not going as planned. Delightful news may come from friends, while software professionals may see an increase in income. Your sweet nature will be admired, but use social media cautiously.

Libra (Tula)
Favorable time for a job change and resolution of legal disputes. Smooth completion of tasks awaits, excitement builds in new love relationships, and meaningful encounters may occur during journeys. Blessings from elders are foreseen.

Scorpio (Vrishchika)
Unnecessary journeys may arise, and students may make career decisions. Guidance and blessings from your father will be received. Distractions at home are possible, and children may become careless about studies. Expect additional workload at the office.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Desire some quality alone time today, as a significant business deal may be on the horizon. Romantic vibes in married life, a favorable office atmosphere, and possible professional transfers are in the cards.

Capricorn (Makara)
Watch out for anger issues affecting relationships. Refrain from criticizing others out of jealousy. Borrowers will repay debts, and media professionals may face challenging tasks. Seek medical advice for any health concerns.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Expect better-than-expected business profits, new workplace friendships, and increased recognition. Those in cinema and movies might receive prestigious awards. A perfect day for proposing to your love partner.

Pisces (Meena)
Unmarried individuals may find their match. Students will excel in studies, and new ideas will emerge. Peace and prosperity in the family, resolution of ancestral property disputes in your favor, and deep love for your life partner are indicated.

Rashi | Moonsign

In the realm of constellations or Taramandal, the ecliptic, a great circle, is divided into twelve sectors known as Rashi or Zodiac. Each Rashi is linked to a specific sign, including Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), and Meena (Pisces).

Simply put, Rashi indicates the constellation or Nakshatra in which a planet is situated. For instance, if the Moon (Chandrama) is in Kumbha, then the corresponding Chandra Rashi is Kumbha; similarly, if the Sun (Surya) is in Makara, then the Surya Rashi is Makara.

In broader terms, Rashi typically refers to the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign. The Rashi or sign associated with the moon’s position at the time of birth is termed Rashi, Janma Rashi, or Chandra Rashi. Vedic astrology places greater significance on Rashi or Moon sign compared to the Sun sign or any other single point in the Kundali.

Don’t know your Moonsign / Rashi?


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