Rashifal for Feb 15 2024, Thursday

February 15, 2024

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Aries (Mesha)
Your married life is expected to remain delightful, and you might consider planning a trip with your life partner. Business losses are likely to decrease rapidly. Important and concrete decisions at the workplace will be necessary, and participation in public events may be on the horizon.

Taurus (Vrishabha)
Today, distractions may hinder your focus on work. Those involved in import-export businesses could benefit. Taking responsibility for others’ work may not be feasible. Be cautious of purchasing fake products to avoid troubles. It’s advisable to stay away from negative individuals and backbiters.

Gemini (Mithuna)
You have a hectic day ahead, but you can expect to complete your tasks satisfactorily. The day is favorable for financial and commission-based work. Your family members will be happy, and you may plan an outing with your love partner. Customers will express satisfaction with your products and services.

Cancer (Karka)
The day may start on a negative note, with potential involvement in an old project. Setting new goals and demonstrating restrained and ideal behavior will be key. Effective communication of your opinions is expected. Some management changes in business may be on the agenda.

Leo (Simha)
Allocate time for yourself today and engage in activities you are passionate about. Despite potential disappointment in the results of your hard work, take solace in family happiness and the resolution of disputes with loved ones. A family member’s marriage may be arranged.

Virgo (Kanya)
Avoid signing new business agreements and refrain from taking loans today. Business losses may occur due to rivals, and trusting others with your work is not advisable. Be cautious of your life partner’s behavior, and strive to avoid letting ego impact personal relationships.

Libra (Tula)
Your authority at work is set to increase, and outstanding money may be recovered. Expect significant profits in business, along with peace and prosperity in your family. The day is favorable for important agreements, bringing happiness and contentment.

Scorpio (Vrishchika)
Use the day to complete pending work, and young individuals may excel in competitive exams. Avoid interference in others’ matters and be cautious of workplace challenges. Refrain from making emotional and hasty decisions, and legal hurdles may be resolved.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Avoid imposing your decisions on others, and anticipate auspicious family ceremonies. A romantic love life is in store, and religious thoughts may strongly influence you. Fulfill your responsibilities at work, and everything is expected to go smoothly.

Capricorn (Makara)
Expenses may exceed income, so drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Consider the advice of family members. Address misunderstandings in your relationship with your life partner through peaceful discussions. Be mindful of cervical and shoulder pain.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Expect business profits beyond your expectations and enjoy cordial relationships with siblings. A sudden journey may be on the horizon, and timely completion of tasks is likely. Students will show sincerity in their studies, and you might consider giving a present to your life partner.

Pisces (Meena)
Artistic individuals will find new platforms to showcase their talents. Financial problems will likely resolve, but serious family discussions may arise. Watch out for stomach burning and gas-related issues by avoiding spicy food today.

Rashi | Moonsign

In the realm of constellations or Taramandal, the ecliptic, a great circle, is divided into twelve sectors known as Rashi or Zodiac. Each Rashi is linked to a specific sign, including Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), and Meena (Pisces).

Simply put, Rashi indicates the constellation or Nakshatra in which a planet is situated. For instance, if the Moon (Chandrama) is in Kumbha, then the corresponding Chandra Rashi is Kumbha; similarly, if the Sun (Surya) is in Makara, then the Surya Rashi is Makara.

In broader terms, Rashi typically refers to the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign. The Rashi or sign associated with the moon’s position at the time of birth is termed Rashi, Janma Rashi, or Chandra Rashi. Vedic astrology places greater significance on Rashi or Moon sign compared to the Sun sign or any other single point in the Kundali.

Don’t know your Moonsign / Rashi?


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