Rashifal for Dec 23, Saturday

December 23, 2023

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Aries (Mesha):
Your optimistic outlook will make a lasting impression on others. Colleagues will support you in important matters, leading to workplace accolades. Business sales are set to increase, and quality time with teachers is on the horizon.

Taurus (Vrishabha):
External interference in personal matters may arise. Prioritize tasks at the office, as some require immediate attention. Evening headaches and seasonal illnesses may affect you. Unemployed individuals might face societal taunts.

Gemini (Mithuna):
Family life brings love and happiness. Investing in property could yield significant returns. Government-related work obstacles will dissipate. Show kindness and understanding to others, embark on a trip with your life partner, and engage in religious activities.

Cancer (Karka):
Expect guests at home and potential business profits. International travel is a possibility. Family approval for your love relationship is likely. Enjoy shopping with your love partner.

Leo (Simha):
A day of enjoyment awaits, with increased dominance at work. Timely completion of tasks boosts self-confidence. Pilgrimage plans with your life partner and the consideration of purchasing a new vehicle are in the cards.

Virgo (Kanya):
Challenges may arise at the office, doubling your workload. Past negative incidents may resurface. Pay attention to your children, and take care of your well-being.

Libra (Tula):
A peaceful day lies ahead, particularly favorable for those in politics. New projects may be initiated, but caution is advised in financial matters. Consider purchasing new clothes and jewelry.

Scorpio (Vrishchika):
Prioritize your health and avoid taking issues lightly. Unmarried individuals may experience delays in marriage. Engage in crucial family discussions and steer clear of negative influences. Hard work will yield rewards, but emotional decision-making should be avoided.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):
A favorable day awaits, with a caring life partner alleviating stress. Love and sweetness in relationships are highlighted. Consider business profits, but exercise caution before signing new agreements. Youngsters may plan to party with friends.

Capricorn (Makara):
A day for staying home with caution on the roads. Expect additional workload at the office, with attention needed to please your boss. Knee pain may trouble you, so take care.

Aquarius (Kumbha):
Business profits exceed expectations, and quality time with children is in store. Express feelings to your love partner with a thoughtful gift. Pursue interests that bring happiness. Positive family behavior will contribute to your joy and pride.

Pisces (Meena):
Wisely navigate through complicated problems. Youngsters may face tough career decisions. Performance at the workplace may be challenging, and health issues like cough and cold may arise. Be prepared for potential disregard from relatives.

Rashi | Moonsign

In the realm of constellations or Taramandal, the ecliptic, a great circle, is divided into twelve sectors known as Rashi or Zodiac. Each Rashi is linked to a specific sign, including Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), and Meena (Pisces).

Simply put, Rashi indicates the constellation or Nakshatra in which a planet is situated. For instance, if the Moon (Chandrama) is in Kumbha, then the corresponding Chandra Rashi is Kumbha; similarly, if the Sun (Surya) is in Makara, then the Surya Rashi is Makara.

In broader terms, Rashi typically refers to the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign. The Rashi or sign associated with the moon’s position at the time of birth is termed Rashi, Janma Rashi, or Chandra Rashi. Vedic astrology places greater significance on Rashi or Moon sign compared to the Sun sign or any other single point in the Kundali.

Don’t know your Moonsign / Rashi?


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