Rashifal for Apr 29 2024, Monday

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Aries (Mesha)
Today promises significant success in legal matters and resolution of business issues. You are likely to excel in competitive exams, and professional endeavors are highly favored. A business trip may also be on the horizon.

Taurus (Vrishabha)
It’s advisable to avoid starting new business ventures today. Minimize unnecessary expenditures and be wary of body aches. Focus on important matters and be careful not to let anger strain close relationships. Attend to your family’s needs.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Your performance at work will earn the admiration of your superiors. Devote time to self-study and seeking new knowledge. Expect good news via phone or email. Unmarried individuals may receive marriage proposals, and your social influence is set to increase.

Cancer (Karka)
You may need to take out a loan for crucial tasks. Health issues like coughs and colds could bother you, and you might find yourself handling office tasks at home. Expect some distancing in personal relationships and be prepared for a new change in your life. Avoid delegating your responsibilities.

Leo (Simha)
Your children are poised to achieve outstanding career success. An invitation to a family event may arrive, and financial gains through commissions are possible. Friendships could blossom into romance, and work life will be particularly satisfying.

Virgo (Kanya)
Maintain a structured daily routine and uphold the quality of your work. High expenses could become a concern, so seek guidance from trusted advisors. Expect some discord with your in-laws and be cautious with whom you trust today.

Libra (Tula)
You will find success in resolving personal issues and rejoice in good news from distant relatives. Relationships with siblings will strengthen, and important meetings will demand your attendance. A salary increase might be forthcoming.

Scorpio (Vrishchika)
Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at work where your leadership skills will shine. Investments in stocks and real estate are likely to be profitable. A long-held wish might be realized, and health issues should improve.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Fortune favors the initiation of new projects. Students will excel in advanced studies, though it’s best to avoid new business loans. Problem-solving will come naturally, colleagues will appreciate your efforts, and a romantic gesture could surprise you.

Capricorn (Makara)
Business endeavors will demand extra effort. Emotional investments might lead to financial gain. Seek calm for a restless mind and enjoy the harmonious environment at home. Emotional moments in your love life are likely.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Your societal influence is on the rise, particularly favorable for those in politics. Financial gains from abroad are possible, and romantic moments with your partner are anticipated. It’s a good day for travel.

Pisces (Meena)
You’ll feel energized and achieve remarkable success in governmental affairs. Relationships with coworkers will be harmonious, and if you work away from home, expect an increase in earnings. Heed your family’s advice.

Rashi | Moonsign

In the realm of constellations or Taramandal, the ecliptic, a great circle, is divided into twelve sectors known as Rashi or Zodiac. Each Rashi is linked to a specific sign, including Mesha (Aries), Vrishabha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), and Meena (Pisces).

Simply put, Rashi indicates the constellation or Nakshatra in which a planet is situated. For instance, if the Moon (Chandrama) is in Kumbha, then the corresponding Chandra Rashi is Kumbha; similarly, if the Sun (Surya) is in Makara, then the Surya Rashi is Makara.

In broader terms, Rashi typically refers to the Chandra Rashi or Moon sign. The Rashi or sign associated with the moon’s position at the time of birth is termed Rashi, Janma Rashi, or Chandra Rashi. Vedic astrology places greater significance on Rashi or Moon sign compared to the Sun sign or any other single point in the Kundali.

Don’t know your Moonsign / Rashi?


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