Numerology 1.0


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Available in English / Hindi
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This comprehensive software program fully covers the various aspects of Numerology. It traverses through the broad range Ancient & Modern, Western & Indian . To top it all, it lays special emphasis on the predictive side of Numerology, and provides useful information after checking the furnished data from various angles.

No other software on Numerology can give you this kind of coverage. If somebody had always believed that it is only that much what Cheiro had written about, and Chaldean method is the only method, then he/ she may avail this opportunity to know more and become wiser

The Chief Constituents of Western Numerology

  • Significations of The Name Number
  • Significations of The Date Number

Finding The “Name Number” By Using Various Methods

  • As Per The Chaldean System
  • As Per The Pythagorean System
  • As Per The Hebrew System
  • As Per The System Of Numerary

Other Contents

The Symbolic Significations of The Individual Numbers

  • Interpretations By Chaldean Method

Description of The Twenty-Two “Numerology” Enumeration Keys

  • Symbolic Significations
  • Allegorical Significations

The “Numeroscope” (or Numerological Horoscope)
Results of Planets Ruling The Weekday, Hour & Minute
Divination of Winning Numbers Single Digit & Double Digit
Generic Results of The ‘Numerical Conjunctions’

  • Tripple Conjunction Vertical
  • Tripple Conjunction Horizontal
  • Double Conjunction Vertical
  • Double Conjunction Horizontal

Answering Interesting Questions Through Numerology

  • Guess What A Person Is Thinking of or About ?
  • Whereabouts of Something Misplaced or Lost ?
  • Success or Realization of The Object In View

Ancient Indian Numerology : “Ashtamangalam” Paddhati : (For Answering Specific Queries Of Serious Nature)

  • Happenings Of Past Present Future ?
  • Prospect During The Year Ahead ?