Jaimini Light 2.0


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Available in English/Hindi/Telugu
Available as Download Link. No CD is provided.

This unique predictive astrology software is fully based on Jaimini principles. The main Jaimini Sutram, various commentaries, and even commentary of some commentary have been used for preparing the work. The predictions have not been offered by basing upon blind faith; decades of intensive study, and practical experience gained from analyzing hundreds of horoscopes, have been instilled into this work. In its every step, after checking through a series of complex set of conditions, this program offers surprisingly realistic predictions in a very efficient manner.

This software can predict the precise nature of events – together with the timing of events (timing unit: 1 month only). It is an invaluable guide an indispensable tool for Astrology students and general learners; it is also useful for the learned Astrologers, and serious researchers in the field.

For an average person, it would yield about 70 to 80 pages printouts(in english or Hindi) f which more than 30 pages will cover specific predictions (including nature of- and timing of- events) obtained from various sources.

List of Contents

  • Astrological Particulars (as per Jaimini principles)
  • Planetary Positions, Longitudes of Upa-Grahas, & Lagna Kundali
  • Sapta-Karakas, Ashta-Karakas, Jaimini Aspects – Frontal & Lateral
  • Graha Balas & Bhava Balas – In the light of Jaimini principles
  • 4 Charts – Lagna Kundali, Navamsha Kundali (Traditional), Navamsha Kundali (KrishnaMishra), Karakamsha Lagna Kundali
  • 4 Charts – Drekkana Kundali (Parivritti Traya), Drekkana Kundali (Somanath), Arudha Lagna Kundali, Upa-Pada Lagna Kundali
  • 4 Charts – Hora Lagna, Bhava Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Paka Lagna
  • 4 Charts – Indu Lagna, Divya Lagna, Tara Lagna, Tripravana Lagna
  • 4 Charts – Panchamamsha (D-5), Shashtamsha (D-6), Ashtamamsha (D-8), Rudramsha (D-11).List of Jaimini Chara Dasha (NLKT) & Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS)
  • List of Trikona Dasha (NLKT) & Trikona Dasha (RB-NS)
  • List of Sthira Dasha & Brahma-Graha Dasha
  • List of Mandooka Dasha & Trikuta Dasha
  • List of Atma-Karaka Dasha & Upa-Karaka Graha Dasha
  • Navamsha Kundali and PadaNath-Amsha Dasha
  • Ekadashamsha Chart and Rudra-Mandooka Dasha
  • Argalas: Mukhya-, Gouna-, Virodha-, and Vishesha
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Chara Dasha (NLKT)
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Trikona Dasha (NLKT)
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Trikona Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Sthira Dasha
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Brahma-Graha Dasha
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Mandooka Dasha
  • Bhuktis & Antaras of Jaimini Trikuta Dasha
  • Experimental method (of JCD divs. & subdivs.)

Predictions Section

  • Predictions from Karakamsha, and various signs from it
  • Predictions from the “Yogas” – as per Jaimini principles
  • Predictions from Jaimini Chara Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Trikona Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Jaimini Sthira Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Brahma-Graha Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Mandooka Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Jaimini Trikuta Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Atma-Karaka Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Predictions from Upa-Karaka Graha Dasha (RB-NS)
  • Planetary Contributions (various methods)
  • General Introduction to “Jaimini Light”, (version 1.0)
  • Additional Information for interested Readers