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Available in 5 Languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada)


Make Vedic Astrology a part of your everyday life
With Daily Astrology Explorer you can lead a life guided by Vedic Astrology. Daily Astrology Explorer gives you the complete details of what are the auspicious times and the inauspicious times in a day according to Vedic Astrology. You can use this information to manage your schedule to confirm to Vedic Astrology.

Complete Analysis of the day
Gives you the complete astrological analysis of the day with analysis for finances, for journeys, for family and the Rashifala for the day. Also has details for the various astrological combinations that are formed in the day.

Avoid Inauspicious Times
Daily Astrology Explorer gives you the details of inauspicious times like Rahukaal, Yamghanta etc., so that you can avoid them for your important work.


Detailed Panchaang
Daily Astrology Explorer is the complete replacement to the printed Panchaang. It gives you astrological assistance in your day-to-day life.

Full Predictive Analysis
Daily Astrology Explorer has predictive analysis for all the elements of the panchaang, and tells you what this moment is auspicious and inauspicious for.

Yoga Analysis
Daily Astrology Explorer will give you the details of the Panchaang yogas that are formed, and will tell you when important yogas like Panchak, Siddhi, etc., Yogas are formed.

Complete Charts
Daily Astrology gives you all the charts that you will need to analyse the present moment. It also gives you your birth chart, and the transit (progressed chart) for your horoscope.

Analyze any moment
Unlike a printed Panchaang, the data for Daily Astrology is specific to the moment you select, not just for the day’s morning.

100% Easy to use
Point and click interface make using Daily Astrology Explorer very easy. Just feed in your name and use it daily.

World’s only Daily Astrology Software
Daily Astrology Explorer is the only astrology software that gives you Panchaang, and day-to-day analysis.


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