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Telephone English


Master Telephone English
Are you often at loss for what to say during telephone conversations? Telephone English will help you become comfortable with phone conversations and learn to express yourself properly on the telephone.

Learn Business Oriented Keywords
Telephone English is designed for business situations. Learn what to say in different kinds of business situations.

Great Resource for Sales Executives & Customer Support
You will learn about telephone ettiquette. How to handle customer grievances. Talking to customers about your products and services. Enquiring about business issues. Making deals. And many other business situations.


Know what to say
Telephone English gives you the complete set of questions and responces that you are likely to face in your business telephone conversations. You will know exactly what to expect, and what to say in responce.

Completely Graphical
Telephone English appeals to the visual sense. With rich cartoon-style graphics, it will give you a visual idea of who's calling so that you know how to handle what type of caller.

Record your speech
You can make amazing improvements in your pronunciation if you hear what you say. Telephone English lets you record your speech, listen to it, and compare it with the correct pronunciation

Eight Comprehensive Chapters
The Telephone English course is divided into eight chapters dealing with different business situations.

Speech Recognition
Unique Speech Recognition helps you make rapid progress in pronunciation, by helping you identify and correct flaws.

A must for companies
You can improve how your staff handles client communication by training them with Telephone English. Telephone English not only teaches them what to say, but also telephone ettiquette.

100% Easy to use
Telephone English is extremely simple to use. Even people not very proficient with computers can use it.


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Choose Lesson
Learn Telephone Phrases
Learn Telephone Phrases
Learn to Respond
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