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E-Dictionary 1.0

Available in English to Hindi, Hindi-to-English, & English-to-English

The use of appropriate words is of utmost importance –
as it renders the expressions really effective, establishes relationship, and helps us to achieve our objectives. Among many words with similar or closely similar meanings, selecting the right word often appears to be a tough task – more so when it is in a language in which a person is not having good command in.

Categorized Dictionaries

*Flowers, fruits, and Vegetables
*External and Internal Parts of Human Body
*State of Health, and Various Ailments
*Various Household Utility Goods
*Relatives, and Relationships
*Tools, Tackles, and Implements
*Medicines, Herbs, and Condiments
*Profession, and Occupations
*Musical Instruments, and Appliances
*Buildings, and Construction Materials
*Reptiles, Insects, and Worms
*Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Creepers
*Birds, and Avian Species
*Ornaments, Jewelry, and Gems
*Fabrics, Clothes, Dresses, and Apparels
*Domestic and Wild Animals
*Minerals, Ores, and Rocks
*Stationary, and Office Equipments
*Important Official Words
*Proverbs (English & Hindi)