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Kruti Fonts


The Most Popular Hindi Fonts
KrutiFonts are the most popular Devanagari (Hindi) fonts used in lakhs of computers around India. When you use Krutifonts you get the assurance of wide-spread acceptability.

Easy to install
Krutifonts are in TTF format and can be installed easily in any version of Windows using the Fonts manager. Just copy and paste.

Easy Typing in Remington Layout
Krutifonts mimics the popular Remington layout of the typewriters and is very easy to type in for Hindi typists.


India's biggest collection of fonts
Krutifonts is India's biggest collection of truetype fonts. With a large number of typeface in each language, it is a designer's dream collection.

Remington Layout
Krutifonts is based on the easy to use, and universal Remington layout. Anyone with typewriting training or experience can use it.

No Drivers
Krutifonts are native fonts. They do not require any third software or drivers to run. They are also very portable.

Work in your favourite applicatio
Krutifonts can be used in your favourite designing application, including CorelDraw, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Quark, and many-many more.

Individual fonts in Krutifonts have a small size and can be transported easily.

Great Designs
Krutifonts has excellent font designs, suitable for all sorts of documents.

You can use Krutifonts in any Windows operating system right from Windows 95 to Windows Vista without any installation worries or hassles.