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India Clips


Big Range
Covers numerous categories with clips on topics as diverse as religion, men, women, cliches, appliances, places, marriage, motifs, culture, music, dance, cartoons, monuments, food, and lots more..

Fully Scalable
100% scalable clips can be reduced or enlarged to any size without any loss in quality. You can print them in posters, catalogs, brochures, advertisements, invitations and they will look crisp and attractive in any size.

Easy to Use
Import/ Place in all designing software or simply cut, copy & paste. Preview the cliparts using Windows explorer and Place/Import the selected cliparts into any designing software.

Change colours, shape and edit all other aspects of the clip in any vector image editing software. You can edit the clips in Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign or other software packages.

Universal Compatibility
The vector cliparts are compatible with all versions of Windows and all Windows based software. You can simply import them into your favorite designing program.