You will get normal financial benefit today. But you will remain busy at social level. If you are associated with social or political field, several people will come to meet you. Your relations with your family and spouse will be very cordial and cooperative. Your relations with your neighbours will also become cordial. Some old friends and guest will come to meet and you will become happy to meet them. If your business is related to cereals or metals, you will get proper benefits. If your business is related to shares, you will not buy any new share. Your business will remain normal and you will earn benefits like before. There will be no change. You will complete all financial or other works as usual. No. 4 & 7 will prove very beneficial for you today. You will become successful in your financial matters by using these nos.

Deity: Nrisinh, Bhairav
Affected Body Part: Nerves

Color: Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Yellow
Metal: Mixed Metal
Article: White Sandal, Ivory
Cereal: Wheat, Flux
Liquid: Ghee, Butter
Flower: Neelkamal, Naagkesar
Fragnance: Majmua