Today wil be professionally very beneficial for you. If you are doing own business, you will earn enough benefits before noon. If your business is related to gold, silver, copper etc. you may earn enough profits through purchasing. If you want to start any important project today, time is propitious for you. If you want to buy or wear any gold jewellery or astrological Yantra, today is very appropriate for you. You will meet such people today, who will guide you in professional activities and you will get guidance ad blessing from old people also. If your profession is related to share market etc., you should remain very alert, because you may meet any loss today or someone can betray you. If you are in the service, you will accomplish you job properly and get self-satisfaction. You will get good news in your family life. No. 3 is very auspicious for you today. You should use this no. in your professional and financial matters and earn benefits.

Deity: Vishnu, Brahma
Affected Body Part: Brain

Color: Yellow, Cloudy, Anjiri
Metal: Gold
Article: Turmeric, Salt, Saffron
Cereal: Yellow Pulse
Liquid: Ghee
Flower: Yellow Oleander
Fragnance: Musk, Saffron