You will get mixed results today. You may not get good results before noon, but in the evening you will get good news. You may become victim of any accident. Therefore you should drive carefully and not go on long journey. You should spend you time with your family members today. If you have any meeting with any senior officer or politician before noon, postpone it for the evening, otherwise you will not get any benefit out of this meeting. You should not spend much money on your professional projects, it is not beneficial for you. Shares related to transport or medical business will be beneficial for you. No. 1 is auspicious for you today. People of no. 1 will help you in every field.

Deity: Hanuman, Surya
Affected Body Part: Bone

Color: Light Red, Almond Color, Pink
Metal: Copper, Gold, Golden
Article: Molasses, Saffron, Coral, Red Sandal
Cereal: Wheat, Lentil Pulse
Liquid: Ghee
Flower: Rose, Red Lotus
Fragnance: Myrtle, Rose's Perfume