Today is very beneficial for you in terms of future plans. You will get auspicious results through out the day. If you do business, you may have to go on business trip. This journey will prove very important for financial gains and some new business connection will be established. You will complete your long plans before noon and after noon you will think over new plans. You will take enough time to decide your plans. You should think twice to start these plans, so that you will not face any problem in future. If you are into export import business, you may get some new orders today. You will get good news through telephone, letter, email etc. your friends and relatives will help you in your works. If you are share dealing, you may earn much profits. If you are into service, you may have to work hard in your office. No. 1,3 or 6 are auspicious and beneficial for you. People related to no. 3 and 6 will help you.

Deity: Vishnu, Brahma
Affected Body Part: Brain

Color: Yellow, Cloudy, Anjiri
Metal: Gold
Article: Turmeric, Salt, Saffron
Cereal: Yellow Pulse
Liquid: Ghee
Flower: Yellow Oleander
Fragnance: Musk, Saffron