You may suffer from mental tension today. You will get some news before noon which may create tension and problem. You should remain alert for your own and your family members' health because your spouse or any family member can fall ill. You may lose your any important thing in an accident. On this account you may become tensed and sick. Therefore, you should take precaution while travelling today. If you do any risky business like share etc. you should remain very careful, because you may get profit or meet losses or both due to ups and downs happening in the market. No. 1 and 8 will be very beneficial for you today. You can earn benefits by using these nos. in financial activities.

Deity: Hanuman, Surya
Affected Body Part: Bone

Color: Light Red, Almond Color, Pink
Metal: Copper, Gold, Golden
Article: Molasses, Saffron, Coral, Red Sandal
Cereal: Wheat, Lentil Pulse
Liquid: Ghee
Flower: Rose, Red Lotus
Fragnance: Myrtle, Rose's Perfume