Today you will experience mixed results. Time before noon will be very beneficial for you while you may face problems after noon. You will get support from your family members and friends. You will remain energetic and happy in the morning. If you are in police or army, you will earn financial benefit and may get transfer order also. If your profession is related to share market, you should think twice before deciding any important financial matters. You will get some beneficial results related to your profession. Your relations with your colleagues will be very cordial today. Time after noon may not good for you. You may become unhealthy. If you are in partnership business, there may be disputed with your partner. You should remain alert from your friends also. They may try to misguide you. Today may not be good for you. No. 2 will be beneficial before noon and no. 7 will be beneficial after noon for you today.

Deity: Shiva, Saraswati, Parvati
Affected Body Part: Blood

Color: White, Milky, Cream Color
Metal: Silver, White Metal
Article: Camphor, Loaf Sugar, Ivory
Cereal: Rice
Liquid: Milk, Curd
Flower: Champa, Jasmine, Kadamb, White Lotus
Fragnance: Fragrant Screw Pine