Time before noon is not favourable for you today. You may become mentally tensed in the morning and due to this reason you will want to visit any religious place for spiritual peace. You will become annoyed that nobody helps you while you are always ready to help everyone. If you are into service, you will get full cooperation from your senior officials and subordinates. You will remain very busy today and try to accomplish your pending works. You will discuss financial plans with your friends and acquaintances. You should ask your family members before lending money anybody today. Evening time is beneficial for you today. If you are doing any risky work, you should remain very careful because any close person may deceive you. No. 3 is auspicious for you today. No. 12,21,30 and 48 will also be beneficial for you. People related to no. 3 will prove beneficial for you today.

Deity: Vishnu, Brahma
Affected Body Part: Brain

Color: Yellow, Cloudy, Anjiri
Metal: Gold
Article: Turmeric, Salt, Saffron
Cereal: Yellow Pulse
Liquid: Ghee
Flower: Yellow Oleander
Fragnance: Musk, Saffron