Today you will make mental and physical labour. You will remain busy in financial and normal works today. You will meet your customers and businessmen. You may meet senior officials or respected people of society today, so you should mentally and physically remain prepared. If your profession is related to gold, silver, iron, clothes, paper, milk etc., you will get much benefit in your profession. You will get new orders through telephone, letter, mail etc. If you are into share trading, time before noon is not favourable for selling of shares. Therefore don't sell these shares before noon. You may earn profits by buying shares. You will get enough profit on money deposited in bank in future also. Whatever plan you devise today, your family members will cooperate you. No. 8 will be auspicious for you today. You may earn enough benefit through this no.

Deity: Kuber, Shani, Mahakali
Affected Body Part: Nerves

Color: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Cloudy Color
Metal: Iron, Glass
Article: Sesame (Black)
Cereal: Phaseolies Mungo
Liquid: Oil
Flower: Neelkamal
Fragnance: Nagkeshar, Nagchampa