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Correct Accounting Software


Modern Accounting for India
Correct Accounting Software is a modern accounting packaged made for the latest Windows operating systems using the latest software development technology.

Correct is designed for use by business executives who want to stay in charge of their business finances. With an interface that's designed to mimic a webpage it easy to use and will look familiar to you.

Internet Accounting Software
Internet Enabled Correct Accounting Software is designed to help you make better use of Internet for your business. You can send any report, any voucher, any document through Email in PDF format from inside Correct.

Meets Accounting Regulations
Meets Regulations Correct Accounting Software has support for VAT, and gives you the set of reports you need to compute your tax liability and do VAT based accounting eaisly.

Flexible Accounting
Flexible Accounting Correct lets you implement the accounting practices that you are familiar with. You can create custom vouchers, have custom taxation, multiple sales accounts, and all other features that you need to do your accounting your way.


Complete Small & Medium Business Accounting
Correct has every accounting feature that your business needs. In fact it's a complete business finances management tool:-
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • Support for all types of taxes
  • Detailed financial reports
  • Business information and analysis features

Full Support For VAT
Correct Accounting Software has full support for VAT accounting. You can add VAT charges to your sales and purchases and Correct will automatically calculate your VAT liability through a helpful VAT computation report.
You can also continue using other taxes including SST, CST, etc.

Maintain Customer Communication
Do you wish to send a notification to your dealers or suppliers? Send it easily through Correct.
Correct not only maintains your address book, but also allows you to e-mail your contacts or send them letters directly from within the software.

Supports Multiple companies, and multiple users. It even works over a Local Area Network (LAN), so that you and your accountant can use the same files.

Easy to use system
Correct Accounting Software gives you multiple choices for navigation and usage so that you can use the system you are most comfortable. It has toolbars, menus, and sidebars.

Flexible Accounting
Correct supports multiple voucher books, multiple tax types, discounts, and provides many other flexibility features that you will find helpful.
You can even change Account folders by just dragging and dropping. Accounting was never so easy.

Powerful Reporting Features
Correct has the full set of business and accounting reports. You can print the reports in your desires layout, or even directly export them to Excel, or PDF format if you wish.

Secure & Portable
You can carry your company file around in a pen drive, and use it in any computer where Correct is installed. Powerful password protection makes your data secure. Correct also has backup facility to preserve your data.

2 Years of Free Upgrade!
If you thought things couldn't better, here's a never before offer in the accounting world. With every purchase of Correct, you get 2 years of free upgrades. All software releases, upgrades, and add-ons brought during this period will be available to you free.


Financial Accounting Software Main Screen
Desktop/Main Screen
Voucher Entry Screen
Voucher Entry Screen